Michael Perlin  is the director, writer and producer of the documentary film, 3 Magic Words, which has been listed as the top 12th transformational film of 2012 by Aware Guide.  Many people have been essential to the success of the film, 3 Magic Words. Most importantly, Maura Hoffman, who helped him to manifest the vision he had in 2007 to create a movie about our Divine connection and oneness with all that is, using the great spiritual teachings of all the spiritual masters in history. Together they spent over a year interviewing the most inspirational self-help experts in the field of spirituality and metaphysics to develop the backbone of the movie.

The film had its big Hollywood Premiere at the Harmony Gold Theater and sold out all four hundred seats the day before the event. Soon after, the movie was picked up by a Warner Bros. Distribution and released in over 100 million homes via various cable and satellite TV outlets. Today, 3 Magic Words continues to awaken people on every continent. The film is available online and in DVD format and is subtitled in many languages. Michael believes that the problems we face in the world today—war, poverty, prejudice, and human injustice—are still going on because we live mostly on a “religious” planet and not a “spiritual” one. He believes there is an answer—a solution that can only come from a new universal spirituality that embraces a unifying reality of all the religions and sets aside the old ego-driven idea that there is only one true way.

 Fantastic Adventures in Metaphysics (Michael’s first book), published by Ozark Mountain is available on Amazon